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Saturday, March 24, 2018

Brian Harman on Ball Position (Video)

I have a surprise for you lefties today. I found a site with several Brian Harman video tips! And since Brian shocked a lot of analysts by beating the big guns to reach the Sweet16 at the Dell Match Play, I thought I'd post one of them. This one's on ball position.

In this video Brian teaches how he gets the ball in the same position each time and how he adjusts the position for fades and draws. It's really simple -- most good golf instruction is -- but it's not often you see this material filmed for lefties.

Of course, you righties can use it too. But you'll have to do what the lefties normally have to do -- mentally reverse it before you try it! That may actually help you understand and remember the instruction better. Give it a try!

BTW, each of those photo links on the page links to several other videos in each category, so there will be plenty for you to check out. Hope you enjoy it!