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Thursday, March 29, 2018

Patrick Nuber on How Tiger Putts (Video)

On the outside chance you missed it -- and I know most of you would be curious about it -- Wednesday's Morning Drive aired a short segment with GOLFTEC instructor Patrick Nuber that dissected Tiger's putting stroke. For those of you who have ever wondered how Tiger does it...

You'll want to watch the video to see the details, but in a few words:
  • Tiger Woods has a putting stroke that travels back and through on a very slight arc.
  • It swings back very close to the ground then moves upward just as it hits the ball.
  • The ball impacts the putter face just slightly above center and toward the toe.
And the video has some great animated visuals to show those details. It's nearly six minutes long and well worth the time. Nuber also demonstrates a simple drill that uses poker chips or nickels to teach you that little upward move at the ball, should you want to practice that.

One other thing: Note that Nuber says it doesn't really matter where you hit it on the putter face; the key is that you hit it in the same place each time. That's how you develop feel. Got that? Consistency of strike equals FEEL. Remember that!

Nuber points out that everybody putts a little differently. Still, it's instructive to learn from a great putter, and Tiger has been one for a very long time.

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