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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Stacy Lewis on Beating the High Lip Bunker

I've done a number of posts on bunker play but I think this is the first to focus on DEEP bunkers! Stacy Lewis did this great post for that -- pardon the pun -- hits the high points.

Stacy Lewis in a deep bunker

If you take nothing else from this post, remember this: The deeper the bunker is, the more sand you have to dig out. In a bunker you don't hit the ball, you hit the sand; and to make the ball go higher, you have to move a lot more sand with your wedge. Stacy gives a great drill to teach you how to get that extra sand moving!

Draw a four-inch diameter circle in the sand with your ball in the middle. Set up with the ball opposite your lead foot, then remove the ball. Dig your feet into the sand so you have a solid footing, then grip the club with an open clubface. (Remember that the open clubface won't send the ball out sideways because the clubface never touches the ball.)

Then she says to swing as if you're trying to stick your hands in your left pants pocket. (If you're a righty, that is. Lefties, stick it in your right pants pocket!) That's because you want to cut across the ball -- an out-to-in swing. This image will help you do that.

Finally, when you make that swing, try to take all of the sand out of that four-inch circle. And once you get the hang of doing that, put the ball back in the circle and watch that ball fly high and soft!

This is a beautifully simple drill for learning a shot that gives most players fits.

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