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Friday, March 23, 2018

The New Tiger Woods Book

Today I'm posting a link to Golf Digest's review of the new book about Tiger. The book is just called Tiger Woods, and the review here sounds interesting.

Cover of the new Tiger Woods book

Here's a brief segment from early in the review:
Culled from more than 400 interviews, including over 250 people from in and around Woods’ life—although tellingly not directly with the title subject—it is a book brimming with revealing details about Woods’ unique background, his rise to superstardom and the myriad character flaws that contributed to his well-publicized fall. But remember, we’re talking about an athlete who has likely inspired more coverage than any in history, so the real achievement in Tiger Woods is not in detailing what has happened in the golfer’s 42 years. Instead, it is in describing how Woods became who he is—uniquely gifted, widely admired, but also emotionally stunted by his parents.
Don't misunderstand -- the review doesn't say that Tiger had horrible parents or that he's not responsible for his own mistakes. But it does point out how a child who is groomed for greatness often doesn't get the same treatment that a "normal" child does, and that those differences sometimes have unexpected effects on that child's growth.

The examples from the book that are given in the review do, as the review points out, help us understand why he seems to be so much happier now despite the dark days he went through. It seems that Tiger is no longer defining himself just by his success on the golf course, and that has begun to free him from his own superhero status.

Sounds like it might be an interesting book. The review alone is worth the read.

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