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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

David Ogrin's Burned Popcorn Theory (Video)

Greetings from almost sunny Orlando! Some friends invited me to join them for a week in Disneyworld, and how could I say no? The big question becomes one of getting my blogs done on time without slowing the group down.

Today I have a simple video from GC that centers on one simple thought -- which is all I can handle after a day of travel! This is GCA Coach David Ogrin's "burned popcorn" theory, a POST-shot routine that I really like.

What I love about this "theory" is that it gets rid of the idea of "fixing" a bad swing. When you burn popcorn, it's done for and all you can do is toss the batch and start fresh.

STARTING FRESH are the key words here.

Forget the bad swing entirely. You can't take it back. Instead of asking, "what did I do wrong?" you need to ask "what can I do differently?" This is an extremely positive way of approaching game improvement. There is no self-incrimination, no beating yourself up -- just a simple, constructive question that helps you understand what you need to do to get the results you want.

If you want to improve, figure out how to get the results you want. That's the most direct route to lower scores, and that's the one you want to take.

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