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Saturday, April 28, 2018

Kyle Morris on the "Go-To" Shot (Video)

GCA coach Kyle Morris posted this video on how to develop a "go-to" shot, which he defines as a shot that starts one way, curves back and never over-curves. If you draw a line toward your target, a go-to shot will start to one side and curve back toward that line but never cross it.

The drill is simple. You set up an obstacle of some sort -- he uses an alignment stick -- about eight paces ahead of you. Then you try to start the ball to one side and get it to curve back WITHOUT crossing to the other side of the stick.

This is a great drill because it helps you think less about mechanics and more about the shot shape, to think less about how your swing the club and more about hitting the ball where you're looking.

Learning to feel how the shot should move can take your game to a different level. And this drill is about getting results when your popcorn is all burnt. That's when you need it most!

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