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Saturday, May 19, 2018

Long Irons VS Hybrids VS Driving Irons (Video)

Well, the video covers part of today's post. The video is a GOLFTEC lesson from GC that explains the difference between long irons and hybrids, as well as why you might want to sub one for the other. The stats about pros in the video are fascinating.

Perhaps the biggest thing to take away from this video is that, even though they have the swing speed to get away with it, a large number of pros carry nothing longer than a 4-iron and that many -- perhaps most -- amateurs are better off with nothing longer than a 5-iron.

And how do you know if you're carrying a long iron that's "too long" for you? Just check the gaps between your clubs. When the gaps become too small, that's where you should probably consider replacing long irons with hybrids.

But this video doesn't address driving irons, which are getting a lot of attention during TV broadcasts lately. For that I went to this post at the GOLFTEC site. It's an older post but it gives us the basics.

Driving irons fit between long irons and hybrids -- more forgiving than the former but not as much as the latter. The driving iron creates a lower trajectory than a hybrid for shots in the wind -- or, as many of the pros are using them for, hitting stinger shots when they can't control their drivers -- while still being easier to hit than those pesky long irons.

Unless you have a high clubhead speed, your best bet for low shots into the wind or for stinger shots is to take a longer, higher-lofted club -- a hybrid or a fairway wood -- and use a three-quarter swing. This will give you the best combination of distance and forgiveness.

Of course, if you have a 120mph swing, you can hit any kind of club you want. But unless you do, hybrids are probably the way to go.

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