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Monday, June 4, 2018

A Quick Note to My Australian Readers

I know that a number of you Down Under have bought my books on Kindle, and I've heard a rumor that Amazon is changing their "distribution model" there because of a 10% tax. Based on what I've heard, IF THIS GOES THROUGH, some of you may lose access to books you bought from any Amazon site other than the Australian site.

As I understand, this isn't a done deal yet and Amazon hasn't said for sure how this will affect you. But if our worst expectations come true and you do lose access to my Kindle books you've already bought, contact me through my blog's email address. I have no intention of letting you lose access to any of my Kindle books that you've paid for, and we'll get something worked out.

But hopefully Amazon will do right and make sure it doesn't come to that. We'll all keep our fingers crossed.

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