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Saturday, June 9, 2018

David Leadbetter on Wristless Chipping (Video)

Yesterday I posted Mitchell Spearman's lesson on wristless chipping; today I post David Leadbetter's. Why? Because he has a slightly different take on the method and, with the US Open coming up, you're liable to see plenty of variations on the technique.

Some points to note:
  • Leadbetter is using an open stance, while Spearman used a square stance.
  • Spearman has the shaft almost vertical; Leadbetter wants a bit of forward lean.
  • Most of the rest of the techniques, like focusing on chest turn rather than arm swing, are the same.
One important thing to note in Leadbetter's video -- and it's one of the reasons I decided to post it as well -- is his emphasis on keeping the upper part of your trailing arm against your chest throughout the stroke. This is a good way to build more consistency into the stroke, to insure that you keep the same angle of attack at impact.

Let me repeat this: I think it's useful to know the slight differences taught by different instructors. Sometimes a technique that makes sense to you but feels a bit awkward can be totally transformed by a minor change in stance or weight shift or upper arm position.

And between Leadbetter and Spearman's videos, I think you get a pretty good idea of the adjustments you can try, to give you the best chance to get good results with this technique.

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