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Saturday, June 23, 2018

Fred Funk on Hitting Longer Drives (Video)

I'm posting this older GCA clip with Fred Funk because he has a very different take on getting extra distance from your drive. Bear in mind that Fred isn't the longest hitter to begin with, so this tip may surprise you.

In a time when we're being told that the way to get distance is to "tee it high and let it fly," Fred doesn't follow this advice unless he particularly wants a high shot. When he wants a long drive, he tees it LOW so he'll get more roll. Based on the quick shot of how low he tees the ball, I'd say he has only a quarter to a third of the ball above the top of his driver, not half the ball as most instructors suggest.

Note that Fred's advice won't help you if the fairways are wet. In that case, your distance will come mostly from the amount of carry you get. This is clearly a tip for use on firm fairways where you can count on a bounce or two, as well as some roll. It might also help when you're playing into a wind.

In any case, remember that the best way to get distance on your drive depends as much on the CONDITIONS as on the equipment and technique. Sometimes you want to tee it high, sometimes you want to tee it low, and sometimes you'll get more distance with a 3-wood than a driver. (It's a bit easier to draw the ball with 3-wood, and easier to fade the ball with a driver.) Take a moment to plan your strategy before you tee it up, and you'll be rewarded.