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Thursday, June 14, 2018

Jill Finlan Scally on "Toe Chipping" (Video)

Here's yet another video on chipping with your club tilted up on the toe, this one by GCA coach Jill Finlan Scally. I know some of you may feel I post too many videos on this technique, but I think its value is underestimated by too many players and I always look for new presentations of the method..

The basics of the technique:
  • Tilt the club up on the toe, which helps you avoid stubbing the ground and mis-hitting the ball.
  • Play the ball more off the toe. (Duh!)
  • Since the ball will tend to squirt a bit right (for a rightie; a bit left for a leftie), open your stance a little.
Note also that she has the shaft tilted slightly toward the target. You don't want to overdo it, but this helps you get more solid impact.

One extra thought Jill adds which you don't see in many explanations of this technique is that, if you continue to stub the club when you try this, tilt the club up even more, so less of the toe touches the ground. A smooth unimpeded stroke is the reason for using this technique, after all.

I'll add this thought as well: Some of you may find that "hooding" the clubface -- actually turning the club so the toe is closed a bit -- may help you get a lower, smoother roll. Try hooding the face slightly with the club soled flat on the ground, THEN tilt the club up on the toe. If you try this, you may not need to open your stance at all.

Both of these methods, Jill's and the hooded method, are used successfully by various players. There's no reason you shouldn't benefit from them as well.