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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Martin Hall on Daniel Berger's Warm-Up Drill (Video)

The School of Golf Extra Credit clip this week is a warm-up drill that Martin says Daniel Berger does before every round... but I'm calling it to your attention for a different reason than Martin does. Here's the drill:

Let's be blunt, folks: This is a difficult drill. You'll have to grip tightly with your lead hand, and swinging with any speed while keeping your trail palm consistently against your lead thumb -- without any of your trailing fingers touching the grip, by the way -- will take some concentration. So why do I want you to try it?

Martin says, almost as an afterthought, that this drill will increase your rotation. That is part of what I want you to get from this drill. But in order to make solid contact with the ball, you'll be almost forced to keep your upper lead arm and elbow against your side as you turn through contact. This move will help you square the clubface more easily.

In addition, the effort of keeping your trailing palm against your lead thumb -- combined with that upper-arm-against-your-side move -- will teach you how it feels when your trailing hand is squaring the clubface.

So this drill is a "two-fer," folks! It will teach you how to use your upper body and both hands to square the clubface. And the effort involved will reinforce your ability to recognize what "square" feels like, so you'll find that it takes less effort to create that feel when you swing normally. That's what I call a useful drill!

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