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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Paul Casey's Setup Changes (Video)

I couldn't ignore this. Paul Casey's 62 -- his lowest score ever on the PGA Tour -- was the result of a couple of simple setup changes. Here's the video where he describes them. His interview begins around the 2:55 mark and the changes he made are mentioned around the 4:30 mark.

Casey was struggling with pulled shots. He and coach Peter Kostis fixed the problem by having him stand closer to the ball, which probably played a part in the second fix -- correcting his posture. Sounds simple, but it was enough to help him hit 10 of 14 fairways and all 18 greens on Saturday, which gave him a four shot lead.

It's amazing how many problems can be fixed simply by adjusting your setup. I particularly want to call your attention to checking how far you stand from the ball. Standing closer to the ball can help you fade it; standing farther from it can help you draw it.

HOWEVER, standing too close can create a banana ball (or a dead pull) while standing too far away can cause a big duck hook (or even a big push). It depends on what other problems you're dealing with -- in this case, Casey's poor posture combined with poor ball position caused him to pull shots.

Before you think about making swing changes, do the smart thing and make sure that your address position is good. Correcting your setup can bring a dramatic improvement in your game without the difficulties involved with a swing change.

Btw, I considered posting this video of Rory's run-in with that squirrel at Travelers, but felt Casey's setup changes were more valuable to most of you. That doesn't mean you can't click the link and see what a brave squirrel can do to a pro, though. ;-)