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Friday, June 15, 2018

US Open: Things to Watch for Today (Videos)

I'll have some thoughts on the first two days of the US Open tomorrow, but here's a clip from GC you may have missed with three things to watch for during today's round.

The three points?
  1. How will Friday's conditions compare to Thursday's?
  2. How will DJ fare playing with part of the lead today?
  3. Which big names will manage to make the cut?
Although it's not mentioned in the video, while the wind is supposed to drop to around 10mph today, it will start the day blowing in the same unusual direction it blew on Thursday, then slowly change direction until they get the standard winds in the afternoon. Which means that the wind will be largely unpredictable for the players.

The following video from ESPN is what Tiger said after his round, but the page the video came from has a longish preview of the second round.

My personal opinion? The young guns finally learned to appreciate just how impressive the multiple US Open winners like Tiger, Phil, Ernie Els and Retief Goosen really are... and we'll see just how many of them have what it takes to play a REAL US Open setup.

As I said, I'll have my view of the first two rounds in tomorrow's post.

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