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Friday, July 6, 2018

Gary Player on Being Yourself

Today I have a short quote from Gary Player's book, Don't Choke.
Make your plan and stick to it. It's when you move away from your plan that doubt creeps in. And that's when the seeds of choking are sown.

It's so easy to get sidetracked from what you have set out to do. There are so many factors pulling our minds in different directions every single moment of every day. It can be the challenges of juggling a family with your career aspirations. It can be work colleagues feeding you negative thoughts. It can even be your boss, whose own indecision influences your strategy on a particular project.

But trust yourself. After all, that's why you are in the position you are and get paid what you are paid. You are there because somebody believes in your ability to make good decisions. So believe in yourself.

Once you have considered all the necessary information, make your plan and stick to it. [p130]
Granted, Player is talking in terms of job expectations here. But the sentiment seems to fit life in general, don't you think?

Most of us second-guess ourselves on a regular basis. And we don't necessarily feel equipped to deal with many of the problems we face each day. But much of our doubt doesn't come from lack of knowledge, but from fear of what others may say or simply because we think we have to be perfect. (That's a huge problem in learning to play golf for many people as well.)

However, life isn't about being perfect. Nobody is perfect. And most of us worry about things that will never happen. As Player says, once we've considered the necessary information -- the things we need to know -- the best thing to do is make a plan and stick to it. As long as you're willing to adjust when the situation demands it, you'll probably do just fine.

After all, the people who are successful in their endeavors are generally the people who actually DO something. And Gary Player is certainly someone who knows about that.

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