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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Josh Kaufman on Learning the Basics of Any Skill (Repost Video)

I'm afraid many of you missed this video because it was tacked on to the end of Sunday's post. It fit there but it can help you in so many ways besides golf, so I'm reposting it today.

Josh Kaufman is author of The Personal MBA, among other books.

Here's the quick summary of the video as posted by QuickTalks (from the video comments). I can't say it any better:

Summary: Just 20 hours is enough to become “reasonably good” at any skill.

  1. Deconstruct the skill - Break the skill down into its most basic parts. Which parts are necessary for hitting the goal you have? (i.e. if your goal is to sing a song in Korean, you can primarily focus on pronunciation, not learning a bunch of vocabulary)
  2. Learn enough to self correct - Learn enough to realize when you're making mistakes.
  3. Remove barriers to practice - Turn off your phone, unplug the TV. Put your guitar, piano, language book in the middle of your room, not behind your stack of dirty laundry.
  4. Practice for at least 20 hours - Commit to 20 hours from the start. You're going to be frustrated at times, so committing beforehand will help you push through the frustration.
Spend some time with this video, folks. It will not only help your golf, it will help you learn all sorts of things that you may wanted to learn but believed the task would be too much for you. It's an excellent video.

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