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Sunday, July 22, 2018

Martin Hall's Swing Plane Drill (Video)

I think Martin has the name for this drill wrong. It's his Night School video from early June, which I think can be very useful to you... but I still think the name's wrong.

While Martin says this drill helps with your swing plane -- and it might help you get a more neutral swing plane, as opposed to an in-to-out or out-to-in plane -- I think its real value is in helping you get a fuller shoulder turn with your backswing and a fuller turn into your finish.

In order to get your lead arm to match that 45° backswing shaft, you have to get a good 90° shoulder turn on the way back. And to get your trailing arm to match that 45° finish position shaft, you need to get your upper body turning all the way through (belt buckle to the target, if you will) when you hit the ball.

Will that help your swing plane? Probably. But if it does, it's because getting your shoulders back and around so you "finish your backswing" and "swing to a full finish" primarily helps you get the ball on line better.

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