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Thursday, August 2, 2018

David Howell on Hitting a Hybrid (Video)

David Howell did a great little video on hitting a hybrid solidly. I want you to see his ball position.

You can get several good views of his address position in this video, but there's a really good one at the 1:23 mark. Here's a still that I snagged:

The ball is just ahead of the center of his stance, maybe a third of the way between his heels. The shaft points almost straight up, pointing at his lead ear or perhaps just a fraction inside it. (Maybe his lead eye? No more than that.) I'd pay a lot of attention to that vertical shaft at address; if you get that right, you'll probably get the ball position correct for your swing.

And when he swings, he takes a slight divot; you can see the dirt fly when he does.

That's the big thing I'd like you to get from this, although you can certainly pick up some other tips from what David says. But if you put the ball too far forward or too far back, you're going to have trouble getting a consistent strike on the ball.

And ball position is something EVERYBODY can learn. You don't need any specific physical gifts to learn where your best ball position is!

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