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Thursday, August 30, 2018

Ernie Els on Swinging Easy (Video)

Here's a clip of Ernie Els from this week's PGA Champions Tour Learning Center. He's talking about how to swing easy... but I don't think most people understand what that means.

Swinging easy, as Ernie says, is about swinging under control. It doesn't mean you swing slow. Rather, it just means you don't swing flat out.

This can be a hard concept to get your mind around. How do you swing fast without swinging hard?

In a word, this is where mechanics become important. I've written a lot about the L-to-L drill, and that's really the key to what Ernie is talking about here. The bulk of Ernie's swing speed is created at the last minute when his own 'L' starts to uncock about halfway in his downswing. If your wrists uncock in the top part of your downswing swing -- and there's a good chance yours do -- then it doesn't matter how hard you swing, you've already lost most of your speed above your waist.

I'm not going to belabor the point in this post, but it's important for you to understand what Ernie is saying here. If you practice that L-to-L drill to learn how what most players call a 'late release' feels, and then practice getting that same feel with a longer swing, you'll see a huge increase in clubhead speed without swinging out of your shoes.

This really is a case where how you think can affect how far you hit the ball. Learn to think about making an 'L-to-L' at impact -- using that drill will help train your mind as well as your body -- and you'll start to see more distance with less effort.

At least, it will feel as if you're using less effort. It's just that the effort will be expended at the ball and not above your waist.

1 comment:

  1. It ain't easy..
    It makes me think of Paul Wilson. PW is also teaching swinging relaxed. PW is hitting the driver 115 mph - quite impressive. However, I could not improve my SS using this concept. Probably did do something wrong...

    Ernie says he is a natural drawer...
    When the ball is on a side hill and above my feet, then I am also a natural drawer.