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Friday, August 3, 2018

Getting Caught Up on the "Big Money Match" Rumors

Okay, you've heard that Phil and Tiger are going to play a (possibly) $10mil winner-take-all match. GC has talked about it, and they mentioned ESPN.

So here's the link to the ESPN article that has everyone buzzing.

Mickelson V Woods?

Of course, as Tiger said, nothing's been signed yet. But the source of the ESPN article is Mike Greenberg, who currently is one of the hosts of ESPN's morning show GET UP! and is unquestionably a golf nut like the rest of us. (It's a running joke that he'll do anything to get golf mentioned on the show.)

Anyway, sources told him that the match would take place at Shadow Creek Golf Course in Las Vegas, probably on either Friday (Nov. 23) or Saturday (Nov. 24) of Thanksgiving weekend.

What you have to remember is that NONE OF THIS HAS BEEN FINALIZED. But Thanksgiving used to be the time when the Skins Game was played, so it's a logical time if this one-on-one showdown ever gets out of the talking stage.

But until then, I'd take this with a grain of salt. It's clear from what Tiger said that the two have been talking about it, but talk is cheap...

And this match could be worth $10mil.

Aren't you glad to have Tiger and Phil back playing well?

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