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Saturday, August 25, 2018

Nine Practice Drills (Video)

This is an older Golf Monthly video -- about two years old -- showing nine different players and a drill each uses. You'll want to look at all of them to see which ones might help you, but my attention was drawn to one very simple drill from Marcus Kinhult that I've never seen before. It starts around the 2:05 mark.

This is just an alignment drill. Why did it catch my attention? Because unlike most alignment drills, which involve laying out alignment rods or golf clubs, I believe this is a drill you can actually use during a round of golf without breaking any rules. Yes, I know Marcus has clubs laid out on the ground, but I believe you can get some value just from using the one club you're about to hit.

All Marcus does is flip his club upside down so he can hold the head. By holding the club vertically, you can use the shaft to make sure the ball is consistently located in the same spot in your stance every time. It's like plumb-bobbing with a putter or standing behind your ball and using the shaft to help visualize your aimline, and you don't even need to touch the grip to the ground. Since you can easily tell if the shaft is vertical, it gives you a convenient way to doublecheck your ball position.

The video has drills from Ian Poulter, Branden Grace, Jordan Spieth and Ernie Els to name a few. Some of the drills are familiar, others are specific to the players using them. But it's likely you'll find something you can use in this short video.

Sometimes all you need to solve a problem is a simple drill to help you focus better. Perhaps one of these will give you some ideas for drills that will help your game.

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