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Sunday, September 16, 2018

Dan Martin on Practice Swings (Video)

Yes, Sherman, let's crank up the Wayback Machine and travel back to 2012 for today's golf tip. (That's a Mr. Peabody reference, for those of you who missed it.) PGA insructor Dan Martin has a really cool one for you.

Most of us are aware that our practice swings are usually much more balanced and rhythmic than our actual swings. Martin's suggestion here centers on one very good reason why that happens.

When you make a practice swing, you usually don't hit an actual ball. (If you do, that may be one reason your scores are so high!) As a result, you think about flow and not about the actual ballstriking... and there's a really good chance you don't even realize where the ball would have to be positioned in order for your practice swing to actually hit it.

The great thing about this drill -- making a practice swing on the range, noting where the divot is and then placing the ball in that spot for your actual shot -- is that you can do almost the identical drill out on the golf course. The obvious difference (if I actually need to point it out) is that, once you note where your divot is, you can't move your ball when you're on the course. However, you CAN note the divot position and take your stance so the ball is in the same spot relative to your feet.

This is a drill I think will open your eyes to the real differences between your practice swing and your actual swing. And that knowledge might make a dramatic difference in your game without much extra practice at all! What more can you ask of a drill?

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