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Sunday, September 9, 2018

Gary Alliss on Swinging with Rhythm (Video)

Golf Monthly coach Gary Alliss did this short video on making a balanced swing around seven years ago, but the advice is still very valid.

There are three things in particular I want to point out.
  • First, Gary makes it clear that a proper weight shift during your backswing doesn't create a sway. To give you a visual you can use, if you were to set up with your trailing foot against a wall, your trailing hip would not move any closer to that wall during your backswing. Your hip moves back, not sideways, as your hips turn.
  • Second, I often describe the start of your downswing as if you were falling from the top and landing on both feet. This is the move Gary describes, but perhaps his explanation will be a bit clearer to some of you -- simply that your hips turn back square to your address position without sliding toward your target.
  • Finally, I repeat -- you don't shove your hips toward the target on your downswing! Sliding forward like that ruins your balance and either causes you to leave the face open (a big slice) or forces you to flip your hands (a big hook). Don't do it!
Here's a practice tip if you're having trouble making a balanced swing: Don't swing past shoulder height on your backswing. Most players can make a pretty good swing if they keep their hands right around shoulder height, simply because most of the swinging moves we normally make -- whether it's swinging a bat or beating a dusty rug -- are at shoulder height or lower. Making a few swings like that can help you feel the proper rhythm and balance, and make it a bit easier to replicate it with a full swing.


  1. You write: "your hips turn back square to your address position.. ".
    Excuse me that is confusing. Why not delete the word "square", so write: "your hips turn back to your address positiond "

    1. It's just the way it came to me, Alfred. I had a long day and it was kinda late.