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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

How to Win the FedExCup

Today is just a link to's summary of how every player in this week's Tour Championship can win the FedExCup. (Obviously if you want to win the Tour Championship itself... well, you just shoot lower than anybody else. Duh!)

Points leader Bryson DeChambeau

Points leader Bryson DeChambeau has the easiest route, of course. All he has to do is win the Tour Championship and he takes it all. But mathematically he can finish as low as T29 and still win the $10mil FedExCup. It just depends on how the other guys play. (Bear in mind that the only way he has no chance at all to win the Cup is if he finishes alone in 30th place. I'd call that unlikely.)

But as simple as Bryson's road is, Patton Kissire's road is complicated.
  • Wins the Tour Championship and ...
  • DeChambeau finishes in two-way tie for 29th or worse
  • Rose finishes T-9 or worse
  • Finau finishes in three-way tie for 3rd or worse
  • D. Johnson finishes 3rd or worse
  • Thomas finishes in three-way tie for 2nd or worse
  • Bradley finishes T-2 or worse
  • Koepka finishes T-2 or worse
That's tricky but not impossible. Still, I like Bryson's odds better.

Anyway, you can check out your favorite player's chances at the link. In addition, you'll find pairing times and such. Take a peek if you feel so inclined.

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