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Saturday, September 22, 2018

The First European 59... FINALLY!!!

It seems like it took forever, but the European Tour finally saw one of its players break the 60 barrier in an ET event. Say hello to English player Oliver Fisher.

Oliver Fisher with his record-setting scorecard

It only took 46 years and more than 690,000 rounds of golf. A total of 19 other players had fallen just short over that time period. But the Dom Pedro Victoria Golf Course, where they play the Portugal Masters, will forever be remembered as the place where it finally happened.

And as usual, the breakthrough didn't come from one of the Tour's big names. (Hey, Al Geiberger wasn't a big name either!) Oliver Fisher only has one ET win and he's #287 in the OWGR. But now he's the first member of the under-60 set on the ET after a round with ten birdies and an eagle.

Perhaps the coolest part of it all is that Oliver had missed three of his last four cuts and was just trying to make the cut when he started the day. Now tied for the lead at -12, that's no longer a concern.

Start looking for a "Mr. 59" logo on his hat and bag. I know I'd have one, if it was me. After all, he's the first to do it... and they can never take that away from him. Congrats, Oliver -- well done!

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