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Saturday, September 1, 2018

Tony Romo's First Step Toward a Tour Card

Tony Romo has taken some criticism for accepting invites to pro tournaments. But now he's proven he's serious about his game. He's on his way to the first stage of qualifying.

Tony Romo

Many fans don't realize how good a golfer Romo is. He entered the pre-qualifying stage of the Tour Qualifying Tournament as an amateur with a +0.4 handicap. He would likely be even better had he been able to play more over the last few years.

But while he was still quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys, he was criticized by Cowboy fans when he tried to qualify for the US Open. They said he wasn't working hard enough at being a QB, so Romo throttled back his golf until his football career was over. Now he's free to pursue his golf dreams.

While many don't think he's very good, the fact is that Romo has played very well this year. He missed the cut in his PGA Tour debut at the Corales Puntacana Resort & Club Championship, but posted a nine-shot win at an amateur event in Wisconsin and won the American Century Championship in Lake Tahoe, which many consider to be the Super Bowl of celebrity golf.

It's true that Romo made it through to First Stage on a bit of a technicality. He finished the three rounds at +2, which would have missed it by a stroke. But there was a DQ among those who did make it, and Romo was the beneficiary. Nevertheless, he's played well enough this year that this can't be considered a fluke.

You can read more about Romo's finish in this article and in this article. But regardless of whether you think he's good enough to play the tour or not, the fact remains that this 38-year-old is proving to have some serious game. Give him a little time to adjust to the physical demands of the pro game, and the mental game he learned as a QB just may give him an edge against the big boys. I know I'll be following this story.

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