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Sunday, October 28, 2018

A Tony Finau Power Drill (Video)

In this short video Tony's coach Boyd Summerhays shows us one of Tony's power drills.

Hitting an impact bag like this is a common impact drill. (When Carl Rabito taught me the basics, an impact drill like this was one of the drills he had me do.) You don't have to buy a bag, btw -- you can take a drawstring bag and stuff it full of old towels and rags. You'll get the same result.

Anyway, the purpose of this drill is to teach you how to use your arms and body together. When a player's body gets ahead of their arms, they often say they've "gotten stuck," and when their arms get ahead of their body, they "flip" their hands. In a properly sequenced swing, the hands stay pretty much centered in front of the chest from halfway in the downswing to halfway into the finish.

You don't have to swing as hard as you can. Just make a smooth swing, and try to carry most of the clubhead speed you created just before you hit the bag into the finish. (That bag's gonna be heavier than you expect, and it will try to stop you. Just look at how much it slows Tony down!) Obviously the bag is going to stop your swing, but you're trying to keep going.

Don't reverse pivot when you do this drill. Try to feel as if you're hitting through the bag, not bouncing off it!

LIke I said, this is a common drill but, in this high-tech age, sometimes we need to be reminded that older drills are still effective. Tony's bag drill is an excellent example of this truth.

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