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Thursday, October 25, 2018

Danielle Kang's Exorcist

Earlier this week Danielle Kang told the Morning Drive crew that she had "demons or whatever you call them." (That's not an exact quote but it was something like that.) She said her big battle was with the six inches between her ears.

Randall Mell has written an interesting article about Danielle's new "exorcist." You may have heard of him -- Butch Harmon.

Butch Harmon

Danielle got her second win after only a month working with Butch. Dustin Johnson has been trying to get her to go to him for FOUR YEARS, and she finally got desperate enough to call him.

It looks like it might have been a good choice.

The article is an interesting look at the dynamics of their work together. I just thought you guys might find it to be a entertaining read. After all, how many players do you think Butch would say this about?
“I think she should be a top-five player in the world. She should win two, three, four times a year. She wants to be the best, and she can be. She has a tremendous upside.”
Of course, he also says she drops more F-bombs than he does... and that he kinda likes that.

Yes, an interesting read, to be sure.

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