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Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Furyk on Breaking Up Spieth and Reed (Video)

I wanted to find the entire interview Tim Rosaforte did with Jim Furyk that aired on Monday's Morning Drive, but I haven't found it yet. However, since this has been a major question about his decisions at the Ryder Cup, I thought I'd post this one.

Furyk's explanation makes sense to me. While the possibility of pairing Tiger with Justin Thomas and leaving the Spieth/Reed team intact was there -- that was the reason they were in the same pod -- the decision was made simply because Tiger made the team. And Furyk says all parties knew that was the plan for weeks before the Cup.

The possibility of breaking up one team that had been succcessful in the past -- let's keep that "in the past" bit in mind, as there is no guarantee that Reed and Spieth would have played well this time -- to try and create two winning teams seems a good gamble to me, given the caliber of the players involved. and the fact is that Furyk still fielded one winning team while the second team ended up facing the Euro Superteam every time.

After hearing this, Reed's dissatisfaction with the arrangement after the Cup seems to be the result of poor play more than anything else, don't you think? It's just a shame that he didn't handle it better. Furyk did say that Reed and he had texted each other since the comments, but he didn't go into detail about the content of those texts.

It sounded pretty clear to me that Furyk simply expected guys to "show up" as they have in the past, even when their games weren't quite in shape coming in, and they didn't. But that's golf, isn't it?

Furyk talked about a lot of things in the interview. Among other things, he also noted that he had planned to send Phil and Bryson out in the morning fourballs but Phil didn't feel good about his swing and spent the morning working on the range, that DJ and Brooks laughed about the supposed fight they had, and that the team members seem surprised that everybody thinks things were so bad in the US team room.

If you didn't hear the full interview, you might want to explore the shorter clips that GC has posted on their site. They are very interesting!

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  1. Much like the NFL; which has such jinxes as Hard Knocks, Super Bowl hosts, Heisman and Madden; golf now has jinxes as well. Since Europe started winning the Ryder Cup in 1985, no Masters champ has been on a winning squad in the same year. Only Tiger has won The Tour Championship in the same year. No US or Western Amateur champ or runner-up since 1997 has gone on to win a major. Only David Toms has won Junior PGA and then a major and/or make a Ryder Cup. Just to add to the facts, Arnold Palmer couldn't play in the Ryder Cup until 1961, so Great Britain and Ireland won in 1957. In 1969, Masters Champion George Archer couldn't go to Royal Birkdale due to disabled hands, whilst Jack Nicklaus parred his last hole of his 1st Ryder Cup cap before The Concession to Tony Jacklin.