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Saturday, October 13, 2018

Kirk Jones on Hand Motion (Video)

You can think of today's tip as the flip side of Thursday's tip. Martin Hall talked about how grip affects your tendency to hook the ball; in today's video Kirk Jones talks about how grip affects all club motion.

While Martin talked about creating a more neutral hand position, Kirk shows why you need to pay attention to HOW you use that hand position.

Even with a good grip to create a desired clubface position, you can alter that clubface if you get sloppy with your wrist motion. Cupping your lead wrist can open the most neutral clubface, while rolling your trail hand over your lead hand (also called bowing the wrist) can close the face down.

Kirk also mentions exaggerating your wrist cock. That contributes to both problems, depending on whether you cup or bow your wrist to create more cock during your swing.

The irony here is -- and I know some instructors will disagree with me but it's true -- you can play good golf with a bowed wrist and you can also play good golf with a cupped wrist. Just look at the history of our game and you'll find great players who used both of these positions at the top of their swings.

The key here is consistency. If you bow your wrist, you need to keep it bowed the same amount throughout your swing. The same is true of cupping. It's when you use a cupped (or bowed) grip at address, bow (or cup) it on the way back and then try to square the face at impact that you get into trouble. For example, DJ bows his wrist during his backswing and then maintains that bow all the way through impact. That makes him a fairly consistent driver despite his length.

Finally, I shouldn't have to say this but I will: Obviously you want to avoid the extremes. A slight bow or a slight cup is pretty easy to maintain throughout your swing; exaggerated cups and bows like Kirk shows in the video are recipes for disaster. Find your most natural position and maintain it throughout your swing, and you'll be surprised at how much more consistent you'll be.

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