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Monday, October 1, 2018

The Limerick Summary: 2018 Ryder Cup

Winner: Europe, 17.5-10.5

Around the wider world of golf: Yes, there were other events going on this weekend. Ken Tanigawa got his first Champions Tour win at the PURE Insurance Championship, and Matthew Sutherland teamed with his uncle Kevin Sutherland to win the Pro-Junior title; Tony Romo's Tour School run ended at First Stage, where he finished T72 but shot his best round of the event (72) on the last day; Nick Voke won the Macau Championship for his second victory in a row on the PGA TOUR China; Ruixin Liu won the IOA Golf Classic on the Symetra Tour; Angelo Que won the TOP Cup Tokai Classic on the Japan Golf Tour; and Adilson DaSilva won the Mercuries Taiwan Masters on the Asian Tour.

The victorious Team Europe

I really don't know what to say. Team Europe has successfully defended home turf in the Ryder Cup for a quarter century.

It's not because I was rooting for the Americans. I'm speechless because this is nothing short of awe-inspiring. Excellence is hard to sustain in any field of endeavor, but in one like golf where anything can happen -- and where, in this case, the rough really did look like a field -- the ability to adapt to such a wide variety of changing conditions for so long is just incredible.

I'm sure Team USA doesn't feel quite as impressed as I do. That's the problem with being the one against whom history is made. Perhaps, after a few weeks and an ungodly number of beers, they'll be able to appreciate the quality of the pounding they have taken over the last quarter century. But whether they do or not, it's an accomplishment that golf fans everywhere should recognize and celebrate.

Yes, even US fans should celebrate it. It's not masochism. It's just recognizing greatness when we see it.

And in a few days, after the champagne buzz has subsided and their clothes have either been cleaned or disposed of -- depending on how big the celebration ends up being -- they'll find today's Limerick Summary ready and waiting.

Or at least, I hope they'll be able to find it. Given how much drinking was going on during the TV broadcast, I'm not sure they'll be able to find anything for a week or so...
It seems that the story’s the same,
No matter the team captain’s name:
Team Europe at home
Makes it clear that they own
ANYBODY who thinks they got game!
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