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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

The Stuff That Happened Monday

I didn't plan on this post but we had quite a bit of news Monday so... here goes.

First off, the European Tour announced their 2019 schedule, which has changed quite a bit due to the PGA Championship moving to May. That put it opposite the BMW PGA, which is the ET flagship event. And changing that set off a whole string of changes.

European Tour flag

The European Tour looks pretty healthy to me. There are 47 events and the events have been shuffled to make the end of their season very strong, just when the PGA Tour will be starting their new season. Remember, the PGA Tour wants to end early in order to avoid competing with the NFL and college football.

To me, this is brilliant scheduling. This is going to give the ET about three months of high-powered tournaments when the PGA Tour is focused on getting the new Tour grads playing. Especially for the guys who want to play both tours, this could be a dream come true.

If you want more details about the changes, this post by Will Gray over at will give you the highlights of the schedule changes.

The other news concerns the individual part of the competition at the East Lake Cup, where the college teams jockeyed for seeding. Albane Valenzuela won the women's title and helped nab top seed for her Arizona Stanford Cardinals. And while Oklahoma State’s Viktor Hovland managed to grab the men's individual title, it wasn't enough to stop the Duke Blue Devils from snagging the top seed among the men's teams.

And before you ask, Duke is a team from North Carolina so, yes, I'm very happy about that.

The team portion of the event begins today and finishes tomorrow. GC will cover it, of course -- the pregame show at 2pm ET and the "official" coverage at 3pm ET.


  1. Valenzuela plays for Stanford, while Wildcat almost won after returning from Taiwan

    1. Thanks for the correction on the Cardinals, Phil. That's what I get for writing the blog while watching Monday Night Football. (For those of you who don't follow football, the Arizona Cardinals are an NFL team.)

    2. Stanford Cardinal, not Cardinals