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Sunday, October 21, 2018

Zack Lambeck's Putting Game (Video)

GOLFTEC's Zack Lambeck demonstrates a putting game to help you make more breaking putts.

The game is simple enough. You find a putt that breaks noticeably, set a line of golf balls out to the side of the hole -- five balls, three feet apart -- then put a tee in the ground just inside the low side of the cup. Your goal is to hit putts that, if they miss the hole, they miss on the high side and not on the low side.

The scoring is equally simple:
  • A made putt = 3 points
  • A miss on the high side = 1 point
  • A miss on the low side resets your score to 0
  • Winning total is 15 points
You can, of course, play the game by yourself or with others.

Game drills are always more fun than simple repetition drills. And one thing I like about this one is that tee in front of the hole, which I think makes it easier to aim because it gives you a clear indication of where the edge of the hole is. Given that you don't have to buy any new equipment to use this practice rig, I think it's worth a try.

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