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Friday, November 30, 2018

Chris Como on the "Power Arc" (Video)

I ran across this Chris Como clip that reminded me of something I read about Davis Love III many years ago. Here's the video:

I think it was Golf Magazine -- the same folks who did this video -- who did a cover story about Davis back in the late 1980s, where this move at the change of direction was simply called "The Move." Davis credited it with giving him so much distance and, as I recall, he described it as "a slippery little move" that could be tricky to learn.

Como does a good job of explaining it here. In essence, you start your downswing by pushing your hands -- your lead hand, mostly -- away from the target. Since your shoulders have to turn in order to do that, you end up dropping your hands down just a little, and that increases your wrist cock as you start down.

If you decide you want to learn this move, bear in mind that it isn't a big move. Your hands don't move "sideways" very far; in many ways, it just feels as if you're straightening your elbows before you start swinging down.

This really is "a slippery little move" and it will take a fair amount of practice to learn it -- if you decide you want to learn it, that is. If you can learn to focus your attention on slightly pushing your lead hand but not your trailing hand, without tensing up, you might develop a feel for it and be able to pick up some yardage.

But I'll admit I was just fascinated to see Como actually teaching this move, and thought the rest of you might find it interesting as well. The fact that Davis actually used the move -- he toned it down some as he gained more control -- makes it an interesting part of golf history.

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