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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Jason Zuback on Creating Power (Video)

This is an older video, but 5-time World Long Drive Champ Jason Zuback knows a bit about hitting it long. Besides, this drill can help you in numerous ways.

Zuback's drill is simple. He sticks club shafts in the ground touching the outside of each foot, then he tries to make a full swing back and through without his knees hitting the shafts.

This drill encourages a number of good things in your swing:
  • It teaches you to make a good shoulder turn, which helps create clubhead speed.
  • It helps eliminate swaying, a flaw which reduces clubhead speed.
  • It helps you stay centered over the ball, which helps you hit the ball more solidly.
Yeah, I know. Zuback's swing was extremely long and flexible, especially in his younger days. You don't have to go to such extremes. But doing this drill with your normal range of motion will help you create a more repeatable swing without requiring you to learn some unnatural move. Best of all, since you can feel your knees tap the shafts if you sway, you can just swing freely and know that the shafts will give you feedback if you move too much.

A great little drill.

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