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Thursday, November 15, 2018

Lee Westwood on Weight Distribution (Video)

Of course I'm taking a look at the old guys this week! Here is Lee Westwood demonstrating a proper weight shift.

I'm using Lee's video here to demonstrate something about golf swings -- namely, that what we're doing is often somewhat different from the way our explanation makes it sound.

Look at Lee's demonstration of how you want to shift your weight during the backswing (it's right around the :20 mark). See how much his body seems to move to his right side?

Now look at his actual swing (around the :37 mark). You'll see that his body isn't shifting to his right side nearly as much as his demonstration would have you believe!

In both parts of the video, the principle that he wants you to learn -- that his right hip is braced to prevent a sway -- is the same. But when he makes his actual swing, there's even less movement than in the demo because he's using his whole body to make the actual swing, as opposed to isolated muscles in the turn in the demo.

That's common whenever a player or instructor is teaching a lesson. The demo is an isolated, perhaps even exaggerated move while the swing uses the demo'ed move "in context" and is less exaggerated. You can work on a specific position in your swing all you want, but it will always look slightly different when you make the actual swing at full speed.

Lee's anti-sway move is a good one to learn. But learning that the actual execution of that move is slightly different is a good principle to remember whenever you're trying to learn something new.

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