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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Martin Hall on On-Course Corrections (Video)

The drill in this Extra Credit video from Martin Hall probably isn't new to you. So why am I posting it? Because this video explains WHY you need it.

Sure, you've heard about flipping the club upside down and swinging it to increase club speed -- the old "swish" drill -- but this is about regaining your feel when your swing leaves you out on the course. Why would this simple drill help you?

It's simple. By flipping the club upside down, there is NO WEIGHT at the end of the club, so there's nothing to feel when you swing it. THAT'S WHAT YOU WANT. You've lost your feel anyway, so now there's really nothing there to feel...

But once you flip the club back to normal, NOW YOU CAN FEEL THE HEAD WEIGHT. It's the dramatic contrast between the headless end and the heavy head that helps you regain your feel. You've created the maximum difference between a lost feel and a regained feel that you possibly can. And because it's a drill that uses an existing club in your bag, it's not against the Rules of Golf to use it.

And yes, of course you can use this drill while you're on the range. But what makes it valuable IMHO is its usefulness in the midst of a round when your swing leaves you. No extra equipment needed but you get immediate feedback! That's what makes a great drill.

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