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Friday, November 9, 2018

Thinking About the 2018-2019 Schedule (Video)

Today I have a link to Rex Hoggard's GC article about the new PGA Tour schedule. It's easy to underrate just how different the season will look when it gets to March next season, and Rex does a good job showing just how things will change.

As Brandel says in the above video clip, the 2019 FedExCup winner could win up to $30mil next year... but to do that, they'll have to make some serious decisions concerning how they'll pace themselves. They will have a three-week break between "seasons" in September, but it's a murderers' row of events from THE PLAYERS at its new place in March all the way to the Tour Championship in late August. How will they chose which events to play and which to skip?

You can see the full lineup in the Tour's 2018-2019 schedule here.

But it's not just the schedule over the spring and summer months that will test them. After that three-week break, commissioner Jay Monahan says the fall events may increase from eight to perhaps eleven. Players will want to play more in the fall, hoping to "get ahead of the curve" so they can take time off in that rough March-August stretch and not fall behind in the points race.

When Monahan says it may take three or four years for players to figure out how to deal with this wealth of opportunities, he may actually be understating the case. We saw how tired players got at the end of the season this year, and next year will be worse.

I want to see how the players deal with this next year -- especially that July jump from the Open in Northern Ireland to the WGC in Tennessee the very next week. The Playoffs start two weeks later. Oh yes, this will be very interesting to watch!

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