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Thursday, November 29, 2018

Zach Lambeck on Hybrids and Sweet Spots (Video)

This is one of those cool "why didn't they tell me that?" videos. GOLFTEC's Director of Teaching, Zach Lambeck, explains why hybrids don't behave like your other clubs.

That is such a simple thing but... why don't they tell us about this when we buy a hybrid?

Equipment construction detail: The sweet spot of a hybrid is not in the middle of the face, but closer to the hosel. WHICH MEANS that center face contact is actually hitting on the toe of the club!

Clearly you'll need to practice a little to find out exactly how close to the hosel to hit the ball. But isn't it nice to know that those squirrelly shots you've been hitting aren't your fault? You just need to find your hybrid's sweet spot!

Conversely, this also means that, if you have trouble drawing the ball, hitting out of the center of the face should help you get that ball moving the right way. And if your fade is too big, hitting out of the center of the face should help you get that ball flying a bit straighter.

Isn't a little bit of knowledge -- at least, the correct little bit of knowledge -- a wonderful thing?

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