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Saturday, December 22, 2018

Devin Nolan on Stance Width (Video)

I don't remember doing a post about stance width before. In this older GolfTipsMag vid, long hitter Devin Nolan tells you how wide is wide enough.

When you think about it, Devin makes a lot of sense. A stance too wide keeps you from making a full turn, while a stance too narrow creates balance problems. And the stock advice to set your heels shoulder width apart locks your lower body in place, a remnant from those days when everybody thought you got more distance by restricting your lower body.

The inside of your heels should be about the width of your hips, not your shoulders. That may not sound like much but, depending on how wide your shoulders are, that makes a difference of eight to twelve inches. That's a lot!

Stop the video around the :45 second mark and study the vertical lines that have been added to the video. This will help you as much as anything to get the correct width clear in your mind.

I would recommend practicing your stance in front of a mirror. That way, you can recreate the setup you see in the video and then look down at your feet, so you can see how the same setup looks from your normal point of view. That should keep you from setting your feet too wide when you're out on the course.

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