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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Harold Varner III on Flighting Wedges (Video)

Martin Hall makes a guest appearance in this Srixon video on how to control the flight of your wedge shots for increased control.

While Martin and Harold discuss the ideas of covering the ball and swinging left (that would be swinging right for you lefties), I think the most important thing they cover is how to avoid twisting your forearms. Martin points out an easy way to make sure you hit the ball squarely with your wedges.

The key is the name embossed on the wedge's cushioned grip. Halfway into your finish -- when the shaft is parallel to the ground and the butt end of the club is pointed straight back at your body -- the name on the grip should be pointing straight up to the sky.

Martin also has Harold demonstrate the incorrect position. In this case, the butt of the club points behind you and the name on the grip points to your right (your left for you lefties).

Both of these positions are easy to see and easy to recognize, which makes it easy to tell when you flight the ball correctly as well as when you don't. And best of all -- as you know if you read my blog regularly -- this is something you can check while you're actually out on the course, to get immediate feedback if you're doing it wrong, and it allows you to easily identify the correct position when you try to correct the error. I like immediate feedback!

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