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Friday, December 28, 2018

Improving Your Shoulder Turn (Video)

LPGA instructor Cindy Miller made this video several years back to show how much of your swing is about your arm and hand motion, not your legs. But this is a great video to demonstrate how to improve your shoulder coil.

Watching this video could convince you that you don't really need your legs to create clubhead speed, that you should restrict your hips and use your hands and arms more instead. But you'd be wrong. Working with this "hitting from your knees" drill can really help you improve your shoulder coil...

Provided you do it correctly.

I want you to combine this knee drill with the L-to-L drill that I so often recommend. The L-to-L drill works best when your arms are relaxed and you keep your elbows closer to your sides. (Remember, the L-to-L drill is only a half-swing.) As you stretch the half-swing to a fuller one, your elbows do move farther away from your sides BUT they don't splay out from your body. Rather, they feel as if you are extending your arms straight away from you, pushing the club away from you, which helps you keep your hands and arms -- and therefore your club -- more "in front of" your body throughout the swing. The toe of the club points upward with less twisting of your forearms while also creating a more natural opening and closing motion of the clubface through impact.

The goal here is to make the L-to-L move while on your knees, which will help you stay more relaxed, which will in turn cause you to get a bigger shoulder coil without a lot of stress on your back. And when you take this more relaxed motion to a standing position, your improved shoulder coil should naturally pull your hips around into a smoother, less stressful full swing.

What we're after is the more natural movement that we typically get when we swing and throw things in other sports. More natural should mean more relaxed, which is important since tighter usually means less accurate and less powerful. Add into that the likelihood that a more natural swing will also be more repeatable, and you've got a number of great reasons to try this combo drill.

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