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Friday, December 7, 2018

Jeff Ritter Teaches You to Channel Seve (Video)

Seve did it with a 3-iron. Jeff uses a 7-iron to make Seve's pitching technique a bit easier to learn. This is a good start on learning to "create" with any club in your bag!

I've read enough about Seve's technique to know this is how he did it, but it's definitely easier with a 7-iron.
  • Widen your stance.
  • Squat down a bit.
  • Lower your hands.
  • Lay the face open (to use the bounce).
  • Use your hands to "throw" the clubhead.
Jeff explains throwing as making the clubhead move faster than your hands, as opposed to dragging the clubhead with your hands ahead. You'll need to stay relaxed if you want to get the smooth fluid motion necessary for success.

Master this technique and you'll be able to create higher trajectory pitch shots with any iron in your bag, which will make more pin positions accessible to you. Make Seve proud!

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