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Thursday, December 20, 2018

Jim Furyk on the Bump and Run (Video)

A lot of lessons from the odder players on Tour this week! In this ten-year old video, Jim Furyk teaches the bump and run shot... but I'm after one very general tip in particular.

You can learn a lot about playing bump and run shots from this video. Jim explains all kinds of technique, and there's lots of diagrams and instructions added to the footage.

But I'm after a tip that can help you on almost any shot you play... and you can find it around the one minute mark.

Simply put, Jim suggests that you position the clubface behind the ball, aimed where you want it to be aimed, BEFORE you take your grip. This is often the exact opposite of what we actually do before playing a shot, and yet the logic of this technique is inarguable.

By taking your grip after you position the club, you avoid the likelihood of changing the face angle when you address the ball. After all, if you grip the club while holding it at waist height in front of your belt buckle and then you set up with your hands lower than that, with your hands farther forward in your stance, you'll probably twist your hands and forearms a bit when you set the club behind the ball.

While this tip will help your chips and pitches, it will probably help your full shots as well.

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