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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Kerrod Gray on Syncing Your Backswing (Video)

Australian PGA pro Kerrod Gray has a very simple drill to help you keep your arms and shoulders in sync during your backswing..

Let's make sure you understand what we're talking about here. "Syncing your arms and shoulders" means that your hands and the club don't get too much behind you -- or too high and shallow above you, for that matter -- during your backswing. If your hands get too much behind you, you'll "get stuck" on the downswing. If your hands go too upright, you'll tend to come over-the-top.

We want the middle ground, where we're not reaching too far back or too high up during our backswing.

Kerrod's square drill is amazingly simple but it gives you a clear feel, as well as a clear visual, of what a sync'ed up backswing looks like. You don't twist your arms and you don't get a flying elbow. What you should feel is a certain relaxation in your arms and shoulders, a lack of tenseness that will let you swing freely while still keeping some structure to your mechanics.

Now bear in mind that this drill doesn't automatically set a specific plane for your swing... and that's part of the beauty of it. If you have a flatter swing, this drill won't suddenly make you swing upright; and if you have an upright swing, it won't suddenly make you swing flat. All it does is keep your hands and club in the proper relationship to your shoulders so you can swing freely and accurately on your natural plane.

And best of all, you can use this drill while you're out on the course to refresh your feel if your swing gets a little out of whack. In my opinion, that makes it a very useful drill.

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