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Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Martin Hall's Second Basketball Drill (Video)

I often mention a leg action basketball drill that Martin Hall taught several years ago. Well, Martin's back with another basketball drill that teaches how to re-route the club during the downswing.

I'll be honest, I think this reroute position gets too much attention -- so much so that players tend to overdo it. But some rerouting happens in almost everybody's downswing, and this is as good a way to learn the proper amount as any.

The biggest advantage of this drill -- which uses a piece of tape looped around the basketball to show you the angle of your reroute -- is that it can help you avoid exaggerating the move too much. The video is self-explanatory, especially the overhead shot, so I'll leave it to you (if you need this) to find the proper balance for your own swing.

Bear in mind that the goal of this drill is to help you flatten your downswing slightly so you don't come over-the-top (that's one error) or come too much from the inside and get stuck (that's the other extreme). It's that middle ground "sweet spot" that you're looking for.

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