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Thursday, December 6, 2018

Martin Hall's Wedding Ring Slice Stopper (Video)

This is one of Martin's Extra Credit videos about using a wedding ring as part of a drill to stop a slice. This isn't something I'd normally post -- I'll get into why after you see the video -- but I think it might help some of you for a different reason than Martin is showing.

What do I dislike about this drill? I HATE forearm rotation! Flipping your hands at impact is something almost every instructor wants to eliminate, yet forearm rotation is almost always going to create the same difficult-to-control flipping effect.

But this is an indoor drill intended for use without a club. So I want you to learn something different from it.

If you rotate your forearm so that your wedding ring points to the sky at the halfway up point in your finish, your lead elbow will point to the ground at that point. In order to create that position, you will be forced to keep your lead elbow close to your side even before you make impact with the ball! That is a fundamentally sound position that -- if you are a chronic slicer -- you should encourage in your swing.

I want you to use this drill while focusing on the position of your lead elbow. This will help eliminate chicken wings and open clubfaces. And as you get used to the feel of keeping your lead elbow close to your side at impact, you can stop twisting your forearm so much.

But it's that lead elbow position AT IMPACT that you want to learn. Get that down and you'll be surprised how much your ball flight will straighten out!

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