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Saturday, December 1, 2018

Rickie Fowler Putting Tips (Videos)

Today I have two short videos with putting tips from Rickie Fowler. One covers his putting routine, the other a putting drill you may have seen him do.

Super simple routine -- line up the putt, take a couple of practice strokes to get a feel for distance, then stroke it. Note that he picks out where he thinks the ball will enter the cup -- that's the break -- then he works backward to figure out what line to start his putt on. That may feel a bit unusual to some of you, but it works for Rickie.

Please note two things about Rickie's use of the mirror:
  • He only spends about five minutes with it, and that at the end of his practice. This may be important to him, but it's not a big part of his practice.
  • He uses the mirror not to help him line up putts, but merely to make sure he sets up the same every time. As long as he's in the same position every time, he should make consistent contact. If he makes consistent contact, he knows that his address position is always correct -- and if he has problems, that eliminates a lot of potential faults.
The biggest takeaway here -- for me at least -- is that Rickie doesn't overthink his putting. He picks a line, decides how hard to stroke the ball, and then he putts. Spending a long time over a putt doesn't make you putt better; it just creates more opportunities for you to tighten up and make a bad stroke.

That's why Rickie putts as well as he does -- he trusts his stroke because it's simple and he just strokes the ball. It really is that simple, folks. It only becomes difficult when you believe a putt is more important than it really is.

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