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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Dean Halford on Chipping with a 3-Wood (Video)

In this video PGA pro Dean Halford demonstrates how to play a chip shot with a 3-wood.

I think the key thing Halford says here is that you don't need to "hit" the ball. Combined with the longer shaft, that means you make a shorter smoother swing. Getting past that "hit impulse" is part of the reason you need to practice this before you try it on the course.

You might wonder, with all the instruction on chipping with hybrids and such, if using your 3-wood is really such a useful shot. After all, since the 3-wood's shaft is nearly the longest in your bag, it's going take a bit more practice than the other clubs. And this video was made back in 2014 -- a large number of new clubs have come on the market since then.

I say you should just ask Tommy Fleetwood. This next video was shot at the 2018 Honda Classic.

I think the reason that a 3-wood is a useful chipping club is twofold -- first, the head is so large that it makes good contact much easier; and second, the extra shaft length means you don't have to make a long or powerful stroke, which also improves your ability to make good contact.

That's something to consider when you're looking to improve your short game.

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