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Saturday, January 5, 2019

Derek Hooper on "Effortless Power" (Video)

I really don't care for the phrase "effortless power." I prefer "relaxed speed," which is a better description of what you're creating. At any rate, in this video Derek Hooper demonstrates a drill to help you create more clubhead speed with less grunting.

This drill, in many ways, duplicates the kind of movements I've covered in my original L-to-L drill post and also the towel-snapping drill post. The idea is to develop speed the way an Olympic athlete does -- by keeping your muscles as relaxed as is practical and letting the natural physics of a swinging club create clubhead speed.

One thing I would urge caution about -- I've said this before, in other posts -- is overdoing the lower leg action. When Hooper demonstrates this drill in slow motion, he naturally overemphasizes the action of his lower body. Your lower body automatically starts moving in the downswing before your upper body does; that's just the natural way physics work in a golf swing.

If you stay relaxed, your lower body will naturally move first, and the amount it moves will be dictated by the speed of your swing. If you tighten up, especially through your trunk, then that natural motion will be hindered.

In other words, the less you think about moving your lower body first, the more likely you are to do it... and do so properly.

Hooper's video shows a good way to get used to the motion (without a ball) and then get used to hitting a ball with that same motion. Trying to control the direction of the ball before you get comfortable with the feel of a strike can cause you to tighten up, which will affect your leg and hip action. After you get the feel of hitting a ball this way without worrying about your aim, you should find it pretty easy to start hitting it where you want it to go. The key is to keep that relaxation as you swing.

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